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    Anndrea Hermann & David Madera at the HT Joplin, MO HempCrete Course

    On July 22, 2012 David Madera, principal builder and co-founder of Hemp Technologies passed away in Asheville, NC.

    David was a dear friend and mentor to many. I have had the personal pleasure of working along David’s side, enjoying life outside of our shared hemp passion and becoming a partner in Hemp Technologies (HT). He spoke at the Seattle Hemp Festival and dreamed of building hemp houses around the world especially in the USA! CannabisTV visited with David on site of the 1st hemp house permitted in the USA. He was always providing insight into building with hemp as well as other hemp hurd applications, such as using hemp as animal bedding.

    The Hemp-Technologies team, our hemp colleagues and the global hemp community will continue to draw from his passion. I will report more on HT builds in future blogs.

    Hemp Technologies

    The HT family ask you to help honour David by contacting your Congressperson and asking them to co-sponsor HR 1831, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. HT ask you to support The Hemp Industries Association, The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance and The International Hemp Building Association while educating others.

    From the HT website:

    David Madera, born 1959, Heidelberg, Germany. The son of a military father, David moved around a lot but finally settled in Asheville, NC. David graduated with a degree in economics and began his career in San Francisco’s Banking and Finance industry.  It wasn’t long before David’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he started his first business. Years later David started Madera Contracting and Design in Venice Beach, CA. where he completed many custom building projects.

    David was also looking for sustainable, green building products for his projects when his partner, Greg, called about Hempcrete.  Together with Greg, David co-founded Hemp technologies, Inc. to build sustainable, clean air projects in North America. “There is no question on how green this product is” said David in a recent Public radio interview.

    David was an avid yoga practitioner, enjoyed golf and reading for relaxation. His ashes will be spread in the ocean where he will forever sail the high seas and rest on many beautiful beaches!


    Much love and respect — Your friend in hemp, Anndrea




    Anndrea Hermann is from Joplin, Missouri and graduated from Missouri Southern State University in 2002 with a B.GS in Ecolonomics focusing on hemp. She acquired an internship with a coop of hemp farmers in the summer of 2001 and in late 2003, Anndrea was selected as a Manitoban Provincial Nominee under the Unique Skilled Worker Program (Hemp Technician) in which, she became a Canadian landed immigrate and permanent resident in 2004. In August of 2008 she completed a Masters of Science in hemp fibre agronomy at the University of Manitoba. She has authored articles, book chapters and industry reviews. To date, Anndrea is in the process of starting her own company. With 15 years experience in the Canadian & International Hemp Cannabis industry, she has a wide range of interdisciplinary skills: Hemp Fibre & Seed Agronomy, Hemp Field Trials & Crop THC Sampling, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Certifications and Licensing, Client to Client Connections, Hemp Building Applications, Project Analysis, Bodycare, Fashion, Food and so much more….

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