• About Sam Chapman

    Sam Chapman has dedicated the last seven years of his life to leadership, activism, progressive legal reform, and social media. He has been a crucial member of the End Prohibition Again Campaign, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, as well as a strategic framer for Occupy Eugene. Beyond drug policy reform, Chapman has served as the Associated Students of the University of Oregon Campaign Manager, College Outreach Coordinator for the Measure 74 Campaign, and currently runs a social justice organization, the Interpretive Framing Group. Chapman’s expertise also includes his ability to develop diverse networks of people through the power of social media. Chapman seeks to challenge outdated status quos and policies through his public speaking, leadership, and social media skills.

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    Prohibition Takes A Young Washington Man’s Life In Prison

    by  • October 16, 2012 • Blog

    On July 2nd Michael Saffioti, 22, turned himself into the Lynnwood police for having a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest for getting caught with marijuana. His own brother drove him to the police station that morning, where he got out of the car with a full bag of medications that he knew he was going to need in...

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    Story Behind Protect Our Society And Portland’s Meth-Girl Billboards

    by  • October 14, 2012 • Blog

    The story behind ProtectOurSociety.org and Portland’s “Meth-Girl” billboard ads An unknown anti-marijuana advocacy group invaded Portland last week with a slew of anti-marijuana billboards. The ads, bearing the website www.ProtectOurSociety.org, depicted an emaciated adolescent girl who appears to be hooked on meth.  The ads make the connection that marijuana, not meth, caused her condition. It...

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    Measure 80: It’s Time To Make A Contribution – And Here’s Why

    by  • October 10, 2012 • Blog

    A few weeks ago, I, along with my close friend and colleague Kaliko Castille, formed Oregonians for Law Reform Political Action Committee to help raise money for Measure 80. M80 would end marijuana prohibition in Oregon for adults over the age of 21. Unfortunately, if you have heard anything about Measure 80, it’s probably that we are...

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