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    Legalization Is Not To Blame For Washington’s Medical Marijuana Mess

    by  • March 8, 2014 • Blog, Russ Belville

    Pictured: Seriously sick and disabled medical marijuana patients who require a pound and a half of marijuana every sixty days for their well-being at Seattle Hempfest 2011.

    Lately, medical marijuana in Washington State has been under attack from legislators who wish to seriously reduce the limits and availability of medicine for patients.  The roll-out of recreational legalization in the state has subjected patients to much worry; however, I do not accept the pity party going on in Washington State, complaining that...

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    What Will Legal Weed Really Cost in Seattle?

    by  • October 19, 2013 • Blog, Russ Belville

    BOTEC's Analysis with $2/gram production cost and 100% (double your money) markups

    Now that marijuana has become legal in Washington and Colorado, reformers are drawing battle lines over its taxation.  Anti-tax libertarians and medical marijuana industry opponents of Washington’s I-502 are now raising fears about $17 to $25 gram after-tax prices and the destruction of the medical marijuana industry.  Sadly, they are using the same sort...

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